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In this section of the wiki, I will be compiling various items, spells, traits, and the like that you can use as a starting point for your own games. These are by no means complete, and not all of them have been tested, so use at your own risk. They should by no means be considered part of the core game rules. However, my hope is that it will mitigate at least some of the up-front work of running a game and designing characters. My goal is that as I play more games with this system, and as other people play more games with the system, that this will become more fleshed-out into a usable reference and starting place.


Setting-Independent Stuff

The items and traits listed here could conceivably be used in any setting.

Martian Spring Setting

Generic Fantasy Setting

Generic Modern/Sci-Fi Setting

Some of the weapons and traits here (like the plasma and energy weapons) would not be appropriate in a modern setting. You may be able to use some of the other items in a modern game, however.

Green Rampart (Redwall-ish) Setting

Yeah, they're mice. You got a problem with that?