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The following is a list of stylistic rules that should be followed in the rules for Cubic Fortunes:

  1. "You" and "Your" should always refer to the player or the GM. "Your character", "he", "his", etc. should refer to the game world character. Thus, you make dice rolls and checks, while your character does actions and succeeds or fails at them.
  2. When discussing the size of dice pools or the results of rolls, numbers should always be written as numerals (1,2,3,...), instead of writing them out.
  3. Explicit examples should never appear in the main text, but should be placed in a collapsible "Example" section.
  4. Similarly, comparisons to other systems, literature, or other non-Cubic-Fortunes related things should appear in a collapsible section, usually "Design Commentary"
  5. Things in collapsible sections should generally not be hyperlinked.
  6. If multiple collapsible blocks appear after a section, the order should be "Examples, For Game Masters, Optional Rules, Design Commentary"
  7. In the main rules, the phrase "game master" should always be spelled out; the abbreviation GM should not be used. In collapsible blocks or other areas, you may use the GM abbreviation.
  8. Nearly every section should have an "Example" collapsible block following it.
  9. Advice for game masters that has no bearing on the players should not appear in the main text, but in a "For Game Masters" collapsible block.