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List of changes that need to be made to the core rules:

  • Quick reference guides for character creation, combat
  • Revise carrying capacity in terms of "encumbrance"? Or classify items into primary, secondary, tertiary?
  • Figure out what to do about combat maneuvers
  • Write out new rules for spellcasting
  • Character sheet (?)

Addressed Changes:

  • Add discussion of "speedy combat"
  • Revise pages to be stylistically consistent (also, clean up main page)
  • Rewrite introduction page -- focus more on the freeform/GM-always-right aspects of the game
  • Take a Breather action? How do characters recover vim and vigor?
  • Combat maneuvers cost a Character Point to learn
  • Fix move speed (3 + max(str,dex))
  • Revised rules for Combat Maneuvers (Jacob)
  • Remove armor bonus from withstand; armor stacks by default
  • Character sheet(s)
  • Armor does not stack by default
  • What happens when in opponent's square?
  • Penalty for range increments, modifiers for prone
  • Revise Desire Rules (?)
  • Deal with large/small creatures (inc. weapon size)
  • Fix healing potions, other items
  • Fix costs and descriptions for Traits for better balance
  • Move speed = Str+Dex, not 1/2Str+Dex
  • Attributes now cost 3 Character Points, and have no cap
  • Units are removed from the system
  • Leaving engagement attacks have been removed from the system. The Disrupt Approach combat maneuver has been added.
  • Injury points have been revised, along with Vim and Vigor
  • Describe items better
  • Remove or simplify rules for attribute modifiers
  • Rework the Derived properties page. This probably also needs a better name (Adventuring?)
  • Make sure the Combat page is correct
  • Create remaining definitions
  • Links on Advancement page
  • Finalize skills with specializations
  • Make sure definitions are italicized
  • Make sure definition redirects are all set up
  • Rename Fatigue to Focus (or something similar)
  • Gameplay example for concentration

Obsolete Changes

  • Fix multi-attack (combat manuevers have been revised a lot since this was broken -- it still needs a dedicated maneuver, I think, but we can work that out with a character that wants to use it)